5 Study Playlists to Keep You Focused

5 Study Playlists to Keep You Focused

Any student who has had to study for long stretches of time at once knows how boring and tiring that can be. Your mind starts to wander, your eyelids start to droop and then… you fall asleep.

For a lot of students, there’s only one solution: listening to study playlists! Listening to music while studying only has advantages. But only if you know how to pick your playlists! When done right, it keeps your mind focused, keeps you motivated, and gives you that extra bit of strength you need to finish studying for an exam or doing your homework.

Today, we bring you five different study music playlists curated by ourselves. We hope you try them out during your next study session and love them!


1. Lo-Fi Study Playlist

This is one of the most popular music trends at the moment. The lo-fi movement started in the 1980s and has amassed millions of fans from all over the world.

The word “lo-fi” comes from “low fidelity,” a term used to describe records that had sound imperfections. Things like background noise, harmonic distortion, and analog warmth are all characteristics of this kind of music.

These recording imperfections were hard to avoid back in the day when computers and digital synthesizers weren’t a thing. But nowadays, they’re made on purpose just for the aesthetics of it. Who would have thought — it actually makes really relaxing music! Try listening to our playlist yourself...


2. Classical Music Playlist

There’s a reason why classical music is the go-to genre for so many students. The beautiful chords and melodies put our minds at ease right away. In fact, there has been a lot of research done in the past 20 years to study what areas of the brain change when we listen to classical music!

We put together this classical mix to help you focus. It is a mix of well-known symphonies and of modern takes on classical music. It’s bound to put you in a studying mood.


3. Jazz Study Playlist

Jazz is one of the most popular genres today, and you can easily find it in working and studying playlists all over YouTube and Spotify. There’s something about the way all the brass instruments meet that makes it the perfect kind of music for studying.

We scoured all the best Spotify playlists to bring you these tracks today. We hope they will renew your strengths so you can carry on with your studying!


4. Nature Sounds Study Playlist

Have you ever really wanted to go on a hike through nature but couldn’t because you needed to study? What about wishing you had gone to the beach instead of staying at home cramming for a test? That has happened to us before, so we put together a nature-themed study music playlist to bring nature into our homes!

In this playlist, you will find nature sounds from the beginning to the end. All the tracks are recordings of real sounds you would find in nature. To remind you of the beach, there is the sound of crashing waves on the share. To remind you of the countryside, there is the chirping of birds...

If you’re not used to listening to study music playlists, then this one might be the best place to start. There are no lyrics and no upbeat tempos — just nature to get you through your study session…


5. Relaxing Study Playlist

Sometimes you just can’t pinpoint exactly what tracks you want in your study playlist. We know this, which is why we put together this random study song compilation!

In it, you will find the best tracks taken from the top Spotify study music playlists. You will mostly find lo-fi songs with a twist: they’re all generally more upbeat than the ones you can find on our lo-fi study playlist. Have fun — but get lots of studying done…


5 Tips to Choose the Best Study Playlists for You

These are just some ideas to get your mind going. There are thousands of study song compilations you can make yourself! But there are some tips to not get lost along the way...


1. Keep the volume low

Study song playlists are supposed to be played at a low volume. Otherwise, you will get too distracted and forget about your studies. Remember that study music is supposed to be background music, not a concert!


2. No lyrics = better focus

Listening to songs with lyrics makes everyone want to sing along. At least it makes us become (awesome) bathroom singers! But when you’re trying to focus, this isn’t really a good thing. Always opt for songs without any lyrics.


3. Create your playlists before you start studying

Have you ever spent hours trying to put together a study song compilation before? Coming up with the perfect playlist is hard and time-consuming. So you should curate them before you even sit down with the motivation to study. Otherwise, you will spend an entire afternoon just choosing the right songs.


4. Find a genre that works for you

We all have different tastes, which means that what works for one person may not work for another. You have to find out which kind of music for studying is ideal for you, personally. Is it jazz? Is it classical music? Maybe lo-fi? There are so many choices — experiment!


5. Make your playlists as long as your study sessions

You don’t want to make a study session five hours long. Your brain won’t be able to focus and you won’t absorb any new knowledge. Therefore, having a 45- to 60-minute-long playlist is for the best. As soon as it is over, you know that you need to take a break.



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